Common Terminologies in Online Bingo

Jul 15, 2020 Online Bingo

Automatic Marking – In online bingo, this is a computer feature that will mark the numbers for you as they are drawn.

Marker – A type of pen used to mark the numbers on your bingo grid. It is also called ‘dauber.’ The ‘daubers’ have a foam tip filled with ink.

Monitor – Person in charge of monitoring conversations in chat rooms and announcing the holding of competition or exclusive promotional offers.

Moonlight Bingo – Last game of bingo played very late at night. It is also called ‘Late Night Bingo.’ The game can even last until the early hours of the morning.

Reason – This is a predetermined winning combination that players should strive to build as the numbers come out of the abacus. There are countless reasons. The most common are the lines (vertical, horizontal, or diagonal), the diamond, or the letters of the alphabet.

Nine-Pack – This is a fairly popular winning combination that comes in the form of a square of 9 numbers (3 x 3).

Wild Number – This is the first number drawn during a bingo game. If it is a two-digit number, the number of units will be used as the Wild number. For example, if the 27 comes out, the 7 will be considered the Wild number. From there, you will be able to check off all of the numbers on your bingo grid that hold the Wild number. If this number is 7, check 7, 17, 27, 37, 47, and so on…

Serial Number – This is the number you will find on each pack of tickets or bingo cards. Each serial number has a minimum number of 5 numbers.

On – A player is ‘on’ when there is only one number left to check before shouting ‘bingo.’

Shared Pot – A winner shares his winnings with the bingo hall.

Consolation Prizes – In the absence of a winner, it is possible that consolation prizes (the value of which is obviously lower than the initial prize) are distributed during special games.

Four Corners – Winning combination where each of the 4 corners of your bingo grid must be checked.

Quickie (Blowout) – This is a version of blackout bingo in which numbers are drawn faster than usual. Players are required to check off their grid numbers with increased velocity.

Withdrawal – Money earned from winning an online game and withdrawn from the player account.

Spill – This is the money that the player will receive after a win, minus the commission taken from the bingo hall.

Chat Room – In online casinos, this is a chat room where you will be able to interact with other players as the game progresses, in order to recreate the social dimension of a real bingo hall.

Session – This is a series of bingo games that are played day and night. Players can practice several variations of bingo at different times of the day.

Speed ​​Bingo – Very fast-paced version of bingo in which numbers are announced very quickly, one after the other.

Bingo Board – If you are playing indoor bingo, the last number drawn will be displayed on an electronic board. If a person has not entered the last number correctly, they can consult the table at any time.

TED – Acronym for ‘The Electronic Dauber.’ In online bingo, this is software that automatically checks numbers as they are drawn. This system was conceptualized by GameTech Inc. It allows the player to play several bingo cards at the same time.

Texas Blackout – This is a variant of bingo similar to Blackout. Depending on the first number drawn (even or odd), Wild numbers will be defined on the basis of parity or evenness criteria. The aim of the game is identical to that of Blackout. You must check all the boxes on your grid to win.

Bingo Ticket – Designates a series of bingo cards on which all the numbers are present (the 30 numbers of bingo with 30 balls, the 75 numbers of bingo with 75 balls, the 80 numbers of bingo with 80 balls or even 90 numbers 90 ball bingo).

Maximum Tickets – Maximum number of bingo cards that a player can purchase in a single bingo game. This number varies from casino to casino.

Postal Stamp – This is a winning combination that consists of squares of 4 numbers (2 x 2) in each corner of your bingo card.

Warm Up – Bingo game (s) played before the official start of the main session.

Wrap Up – Last part of a bingo session.

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