Month: August 2020

Post-COVID: Redistribution of cards

The crisis is not yet over, but the gaming world has experienced ups and downs and its share of twists and turns, like the medico-social field. Faced with a shortage of sports championships, online คาสิโน operators had to adapt from goal to blank. Post-containment will be a major challenge for maintaining the craze for online games, which has increased during this digital period.

An unsportsmanlike confinement

In the absence of games on the ground, online card games quickly took over. The operators of sports betting had to find parades, including with short-term strategies: the Belarusian and Australian matches ensured a time bet, to make up for the shortfalls and allow them to stay in the race. But nothing to do: football competitions, horse races fell one by one into the water (so much the better for horses!). The stakes recorded on sports game platforms have dropped dangerously.

In the early days, operators lost an average of 90% of turnover, as underlined by Afjel (French Association of online games). Even if the bets galvanized by the approach of major sports competitions were more and more on the rise, the wave of success was suspended, and the boat of the big stadiums took the water, the majority of matches being postponed like Euro 2020.

Bet at all costs

Never mind, we fell back on games in a small virtual committee, where the health risk was almost zero, and where the conviviality was stronger than sports betting.

This global crisis affected the bets on football, which attracted 50% of the betting intentions, but also those on tennis and basketball, which lost inexorably ground. The coronavirus suddenly changed the situation: and the expected rebound in demand poured into poker in communicating vessels.

In order not to see the fire of their passion put out, the bettors turned to this attractive and profitable game, online poker. Confinement obliges, the advantages of conviviality being obvious, the demand has peaked, striking, and stumbling.

Big winner

The findings are unanimous; the sports field has not escaped the rule: in times of crisis, habits change. And after observation, the behavior of the players showed that the online card game is in a clear progression, while the sports bets for football are momentarily on the sidelines. One reason for this: football enthusiasts, most of the same age as poker players, were able to easily slide into this online game, the disappearance of outdoor competitions helping. Online gaming has remained alive and has been fueled by interdisciplinary sharing against a background of substitution, adaptation, and then growing passion.

Guide for a perfect casino trip

Guide for a perfect casino trip

A trip to the casino is always exciting, and it gives you a different experience. Every person these days is busy in their tight working schedule, so visiting a lagalaxy 88 casino can be an exciting experience. No matter you are pro or beginner, every person can enjoy playing some games in casinos with the hops that they will take a few extra dollars to their home. So, some things you need to look before you are heading to the casino are mentioned here:

Create a bankroll 

One of the most important things while visiting a casino is that you need to build and manage a proper bankroll. There is nothing more important than sticking to your bankroll when you are playing the casino games. Your bankroll is the pool of the money from which you bet. So, it is advisable to choose the amount of money in your bankroll that you can afford to lose. Your goal in the casino should be to win slowly over time and make sure to stick with your bankroll effectively. 

Plan out the games 

Either you are visiting a casino for the first time or you are an experienced casino player, you are likely more familiar with few games than others. There are different types of games available at casinos such as poker, roulette, blackjack, and many more, and you can choose to play any of them. No matte, which game you choose to play, it is beneficial for you to have a proper plan so that you can make the perfect strategy to win the game. As there are plenty of options available at the casino, then you can easily get distracted, but you need to stick with those that you understand so that you can earn more money. You can write down the top three games that you are looking to play so that you can keep yourself on track.

Choose your group wisely 

The people around you in the casino can have a great impact on your game. Whenever you take a casino trip, it is beneficial for you to go with the individuals who focus on winning money and do not visit the casino only for having the wildest time they can. Even if you found two or three people who share the same feeling as you, then it is enough, and it can help you to have complete attention on your game without having any issues and hassle. 

Play online before 

Over time, the gambling restriction started to disappear slowly, and you can easily access real money asiacasinopro online casino to hone your skills and win money. If you visit a physical casino, then it can take your lots of time, so it is beneficial for you to try practicing the variety of casino games in the online casinos that is a quite comfortable and convenient option for you. If you think that you do not want to gamble with real money at first, then you can enjoy the free casino games offered by lots of online casinos. 

Reopening of casinos and new sanitary measures

Losses of several million dollars, layoffs in spades, the coronavirus epidemic has hit the casino sector with full force, and everyone is waiting for a firm reopening! The gradual deconfinement that we observe almost everywhere on the planet gives hope for an imminent recovery, but it is already certain that it will be slow and strictly supervised between new cases and the desire to return to normal life, an update on the reopening of casinos jdl688 and the health measures implemented.

Covid19: Reopening of casinos

Perhaps very hard hit by the pandemic, the United States will certainly not be the last to force the reopening of their gambling establishments. And for a good reason in Las Vegas, in the city that never sleeps, Mayor Carolyn Goodman militates for some time now for a rapid recovery in the activity of hotels and casinos. It must be said that the epidemic has hit the lives of city residents hard and that the worried workers for their income are eager to get back to work.

The problem is that Carolyn Goodman vaguely plans to set up a control group in the establishments, while admitting that she is not required to respect any health measure on the pretext that “it’s not China, it’s in Las Vegas. ” Statements that have attracted much criticism from health professionals and the Union of Casino Workers, even calling for the resignation of the mayor.

Elsewhere in the country, other establishments have already reopened their doors, such as in Oklahoma, South Dakota or Louisiana, even if it means ignoring the new sanitary measures to be respected. In this reopening phase, only the Angel of the Winds Casino Resort in Washington State seems for the moment to respect the rules imposed by the State within particularly the establishment of a waiting list system for more fluidity.

A difficult recovery

Sanitary measures should certainly weigh heavily on the fluidity of casinos. In particular, it will be a matter of respecting a distance of one meter between each individual, installing Plexiglas plates between the machines, cleaning the devices after each use, and systematically wearing a mask. And already certain problems arise since games such as poker and table games requiring the presence of croupiers greatly complicate the implementation of these sanitary measures. To see anyway if the players will dare to cross the doors of establishments as soon as activities resume.